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FIDO® Anti Bark Device Features & Benefits

Effective Anti Bark Device

Our anti bark devices has a very effective performance rating and its safe to use on all breed of dogs. Tired of those endless barking and howling? Now is the time to set your no bark rules! Furthermore, it is based on high powered improved ultrasonic sound signature that dogs can hear- but humans can't. Thanks to years of research by our FIDO Lab Team.

Easy To Use

Additionally, our stop dog barking devices comes fully packed with practical user manuals to take the guess work out of its setup. Therefore, making it very new user friendly and uncomplicated to use.
no bark device


Also it is rainproof and lightweight which makes our no bark devices very durable and require no extra handling care.


Finally, peace and quiet shouldn't be expensive. Buy our anti dog barking device for as low $14.99 NOW and enjoy FREE shipping to your doorstep! The "No Bark" rule is finally ready to be enforced.

Quality Stop Dog Barking Device Guaranteed

From stray dogs to home grown. We have been there, done that & restored the Q in quiet. FIDO® anti dog barking devices are harmless to dogs, humans, effective and user friendly. Do you care more about indoor, outdoor or neighbours type no bark devices? You got it. Still looking for the very best stop dog barking device you can find? Well, you shouldn’t.

Choose Your Preferred Best Anti Bark Device

Each of our leading no bark device uses industry standard ultrasonic sound-wave signature with adjustable sensitivity levels.
More so, they are harmless, lightweight, waterproof and extremely effective up to 50 feets. Additionally, you have the freedom of choice with four to choose from.
No more visits from Animal Control, YOU TAKE CONTROL!

FIDO® Anti Bark Device Reviews

Join Over 7500+ Customers Using FIDO® ultrasonic no bark device. See Results Like These…

This anti bark device worked after one day on our miniature poodle mix. It was pretty amazing to see, I just can’t explain how happy we are.

Definitely going to make our summer so much more enjoyable.

Lisa Hemsworth

I use this for my golden doodle. It works well especially for dogs who are caught up in and enjoying negative habits.

Our dog had the terrible behavior of barking hysterically at any passing car & would also go insane at any passing dog. Since receiving this no bark device, the barking is more controlled.

Robin Reed

It took 2 weeks, but the next door neighbors dogs have finally stopped barking at us when we go into OUR backyard.

Though one seems to be a little more hard headed than the others, but his barking is much less and more tolerable now.

Thanks a bunch on this one!! I highly recommend this stop dog barking device.

Chris & Sarah

So, I bought this little device and hung it on a tree facing my neighbors gigantic and super aggressive barking dog in hopes that it would cut down on the hours of non-stop barking.

To my surprise, he now occasionally barks only once or twice and then stops.

Thank you little birdhouse!!! Greatest invention ever!!!

Matilda Roberts
Anti bark device

Anti Bark Device - FIDO® Redesigned & Improved

Dogs may be man’s best friend but unwanted barking from them isn’t uncommon and most dog owners aren’t sure what to do about it when their friends just won’t shut up.

Also not forgetting the neighbor’s dog, who normally rushes to the fence and goes ballistic towards your yard and home even in the middle of the night.

We are here to help you restore peace and wonderful quiet- even your neighbor’s will thank you.

FIDO® anti bark device aims to solve excessive, noisy dog barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound to silence the dog.

The sensitive microphone isolates and picks up barking up to 50 feet away to solve your dogs or your neighbors’ dog disturbing barking problem.

It’s safe to call our FIDO® device a new and upgraded anti barking control house backed by latest technology from FIDO® research lab.

It is different in functionality to any other anti bark device making it the best money can buy.