About Us
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Our Story

Welcome to FIDO Anti Bark!

Starting as a small business in California 2016, we had big dreams.

Our passion for bark control devices started after we moved 5 houses in 1 year & 6 month because of job changes and encountered one similar problem in every neighborhood- barking dogs!

Our ability to train almost all our neighbors dogs and all of ours (yes we love dogs too) to maintain peace and quiet means that we provide our customers nothing but the highest quality of anti bark devices, that are guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied.

Who would ever guess we could build a company around our problem with the aim of ensuring excessive barking is subdued while training your dog(s) at the same time.

With a motivated team (FIDO LAB), we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face and quiet to your neighborhood.

That’s why we’re always looking for innovative new ways to get the best to you.

FIDO Anti Bark offers you the ability to:

  • Stop excessive and nuisance barking in your home and neighborhood.
  • Train your dog or neighbors own on how not to bark unnecessarily.
  • Maintain peace and tranquility in your neighborhood.
  • Become a proud owner of a civilized dog.

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