B-Ultra Bark Buster Trainer (Outdoor)


This birdhouse theme designed outdoor anti barking controller comes in a unique pavilion shape and it is durable and waterproof. As an ultrasonic anti barking repellent effective from up to 50 feet away it has proven to be very effective in training dogs on a barking spree. Take back your QUIET.

  • Color: Black | Yellow
  • Type: Dog Training
  • Power: 6F22 9V battery
  • Effective Range: 15 Feet | 30 Feet | 50 Feet
  • Main Function: Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control
  • Durable: Water, Snow & Rainproof
(6 customer reviews)

Does Your Dog Love to Bark At Every and Anything?

The FIDO B-Ultra is a NO Shock high quality bird house themed outdoor ultrasonic bark controller that will come in handy in training your dog to stop the excessive barking.

Though it works similarly to most barking control devices, the FIDO B-Ultra is an improved and upgraded version of them all.

Every time your dog barks, yelps or howls, the FIDO B-Ultra will sensor the sound waves and let out its own sound to help dissuade that dog from barking further thereby training him on whats good behavior versus bad behavior.

In no time at all your lovely dog will also become a civilized dog thereby earning you the respect of friends, family members and most especially your neighbors.

Isn’t that what you have always wanted?

FIDO B-Ultra bark buster trainer is the most effective in stopping barking dogs (either your or your neighbors), training puppies not to bar and also deterring dogs on camping trips.

In other words, it thrives on the results of FIDO Lab Researchers thereby scaling the effectiveness by over 100%.

It’s design also make it quite easy to hang or mount on a tree, wall, fence or place on the porch.

Above all ensure the microphone is less than 5 feet high and is facing the direction of the barking dog without heavy obstacles in between.

How the FIDO B-Ultra Bark Buster Trainer Works

The device has 3 levels of ultrasonic intensity, which also has different effect range (15, 30 & 50 Feet).

So, once a standard 9V battery is inserted into it, the device will automatically start detecting nuisance dog barking by internal microphone.

Finally, the microphone will isolate and pick up the barking sound to emit an ultrasonic sound that effectively silences the dog.


1. The product will not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.

2. Some dogs may not be responsive to ultrasonic correction.

Other Specification:

Material: ABS Plastic

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal

Item Name: Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device

Technology: FIDO Anti Bark

Brand Name: XIAXIANG

Power: 1 x 9V battery (not included)

Certifications: CE | ROHS | FCC

Package include:

1 x Anti Barking Device

1 x User Manual



6 reviews for B-Ultra Bark Buster Trainer (Outdoor)

  1. Works as expected. I purchased this because of my neighbor’s canine yapping during the evening and toward the beginning of the day. I put this out on a fledgling feeder holder around 5 feet from the fence and it blended in so well. Presently my children can play in the back yard without minding the thoughtless yapping.

  2. Pleasant item. Lightweight and simple to use. Just what i paid for!

  3. we have four little barkers and regardless of whether somebody rang a doorbell on the TV they would go bezerk. making us insane. I turned this little house on and set it under the passage entryway table and it ceased 3 of them right away. we have one rouge little guy who evidently is hard of hearing and can’t hear the sound that originates from it. worth each penny. we have attempted impact horns and whistles and everything that you can envision without much of any result. Much obliged to you FIDO Anti Barking Device we presently have tranquility back in our home because of your quality and cost.

  4. Appears to help. We had new neighbors move in and their one puppy would bark the minute it was let out and would get both of our pooches provoked. We have unquestionably observed an improvement.

  5. I like the overall appearance.. It is little and blends into anyplace. It doesn’t stop the yapping though It shields the mutts from woofing for such a long time. Agreed I have seen an improvement in such a short period of time.

  6. This really does some incredible things. I have a smaller than usual Australian Shepherd that thinks each clamor he hears is an interloper so he is continually yapping. After attempting this device one time, his yelping has gone from relentless to one bark and that is it. Obviously I adore this anti bark device, it carries out its responsibility and doesn’t hinder the pooch carrying out his responsibility. In addition it won’t hurt your puppy like different items can. On the off though there is a chance that your dog barks as expected of a dog but this merits the cash and, at that point a few more really.

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