P-Ultra Bark Buster Trainer (Indoor & Outdoor)


This dog paw themed design and styled anti barking controller automatically emits human and eco-friendly ultrasonic sound wave that effectively trains your lovely dog or your neighbors annoying one to stop excessive noisy barking.

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Dog Training
  • Power: 9 Volt Batter (Not included)
  • Effective Range: 15 Feet | 30 Feet | 50 Feet
  • Main Function: Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control
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Does Your dog’s Ceaseless Barking Make You or Your Neighbors Uncomfortable?

We bet you wish you could once again enjoy some lovely peace and quiet in your neighborhood after a very long day.

The FIDO P-Ultra Bark Controller is just what you need. It works by automatically detecting a dog’s bark and sends a high frequency ultrasonic sound that is irritating enough to make him stop.

Not only is the P-Ultra Bark Buster Trainer highly effective, it is also super cute and easy to move around, it adds some style to your indoor and outdoor decor that brings serenity to your family and your neighbors at home and during camping trips.

The dog paw design is simple to hang on a tree, wall, or fence post (safe direct rainfall contact). Just ensure the microphone is less than 5 feet high and is facing the direction of the barking dog without heavy obstacles in between.

How the FIDO P-Ultra Bark Buster Trainer Works

All you have to do is insert a standard 9-volt battery or USB power adapter into the back or side of the device. It is automatically activated by the sound of barking.

When the device is within the range of a barking dog, the microphone will isolate and pick up the barking sound to emit an ultrasonic sound that effectively silences the dog.

FIDO P-Ultra Bark Controller

The device has FOUR range levels (including testing mode)
– Test mode (to verify functioning of the speaker and microphone)
– low range (up to 15 feet)
– Medium Range (up to 30 feet)
– High Range (up to 50 feet)
2 Color LED lights to show good or low battery.


1. The product will not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.

2. Human cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, however precautions should be taken when preparing the outdoor bark control for use.

3. Some dogs may not be responsive to ultrasonic correction.

Other Specification:

Material: ABS Plastic

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal

Technology: FIDOAntiBark

Item Name: Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device

Power: 1 x 9V battery (not included)

Certifications: CE | ROHS | FCC

Package include:

1 x Anti Barking Device

1 x User Manual





5 reviews for P-Ultra Bark Buster Trainer (Indoor & Outdoor)

  1. We have two Shih Tzu’s. Any time a vehicle arrives or a group of friends goes into the house or my significant other strolls by a window or he’s on the tractor they bark not for a tad but rather constantly and it can easily get to 15 minutes or more. One evening’s utilization of this and we have seen significant improvements. Notwithstanding when they are playing they are close-lipped regarding it now and not barking as loud as they used too They are generally excellent mutts and respectful aside from when they get energized and bark like there’s no tomorrow. Many many thanks to you for such a great device.

  2. Try not to misunderstand me. Canines are permitted to bark. Be that as it may, when it’s a similar daily schedule and he should know better at this point it’s not an acceptable behavior.
    So, I ought to have gotten this device for some time now if I had known about some incredible things it could do for my yapping hound. 3 days in now and presently when he hears the sound emissions he stops. I don’t have to keep yelling at him to quit barking!

  3. Hearty thanks to you for such a great device. It’s been an incredible puppy trainer!!

  4. From the get-go, Hans, our Miniature Schnauzer, who lives her entire life for yapping and barks for everything, reacted emphatically to the Trainer. At first she will stop barking but kept attempting to make suppressed yelping sounds. Each time she did, I manually press the button on the device and she ceased right away. At last a device that works!! Now, I just leave the device on whenever I need some peace and the device automatically does the rest.

  5. This gadget has completely changed us. I have a minature dachsund whom is extremely defensive of his home, would bark at individuals when they arrived, bark at individuals when the leave and bark at individuals/hounds/vehicles as they would pass by our home. Really, our canine is presently the “immaculate” puppy, and we continue saying that “he is the pooch we had always dreamed of “. Indeed, even people coming into our home presently “Love” him, rather than what it used to be.

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